NOT ACTIVE-Workshops and Events

Date(s): Wednesday’s January 8,15, 22, 29
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Venue:Third Street Center, Suite 11, Carbondale
Fee: $160 Materials included

Limited to 6 people. Register early.
Registration is now open    

New Format! Winter is the perfect time to reconnect to your creative process. Join us for this 4-week class and awaken the painter that lives within you.

This introductory class is designed to give you the tools you will need to learn to paint from your heART + SOUL. This is a process oriented class. We don’t paint for outcome. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a “sip and paint” paint class. I think those classes are wonderful, however this work is a deep dive into finding your OWN voice as a creative, by engaging with YOUR SOURCE.

We begin with a meditation and a prompt. We move to the paint, brush and paper. Exploring our inner world as we engage with our unconscious. We complete our circle with a sharing of the story that was revealed. This is now a consecutive series to promote consistency, connection and individual support during the painting experience. Once you have completed the intro class, you are welcome to attend any of the open studio evenings to paint with us in community.

ReConnect to the child within who was fear-LESS. Letting go of the outcome supports expansion of your creative intuition and will dispel your inner critic. No experience is necessary, just the willingness to trust the process…and make a high holy mess!



Date(s): Friday, January 17th | 6:30-8:30pm
Saturday, January 18th 9:30-4:30pm
Sunday, January 19th|  9:30-4:30pm
Venue:Third Street Center, Suite 11, Carbondale
Fee: $235 Materials list will be provided

Limited to 6 people. Register early.
Registration is now open

Are you ready to expand from paper or journal to a mixed-media canvas.It’s easier than you think! Let’s gather with paint, brush and collage material and the courage to be open-hearted and bold! No experience is required. We will use, canvas, paint, collage and all manner of mixed-media to create a unique abstract mixed-media canvas; a unique expression of you.Some materials will be provided, but there is a list of supplies that will need to be purchased prior to the class.


A Weekend Playshop

Date(s): Friday, Dec 13th | 6:30-8:30
Saturday Dec 14th | 9:30-4:30pm
Sunday Dec 15th | 9:30-4:30pm
Venue: Third Street Center, Suite 11, Carbondale
Fee: $235 Materials included. Small additional materials list provided registration
Limited to 6 people. Register early.
Registration is now open

If you’re reading this, perhaps-like me-you are a person in long-term recovery. Congratulations! Staying sober is no small feat. I tell my clients, “If it was easy, everyone would do it!” If you’re a woman with at least one year of consistent sobriety and you’re feeling like you need an infusion of creative mojo to explore what might be next in your life, this workshop is for you. Join me for a gathering of heARTs and learn how creativity has infused my life with possibilities beyond what I could ever have imagined.

In this workshop, you will create a handmade book of Burning Desires. This book will hold what no longer serves, as well as your deepest dreams for the future. You will leave with a medicine journal that will serve you for the next 12-months, offering you an archive and artifact of your life journey



Wild Soul Medicine Journaling with Sheri Gaynor + 20 other nationally known artists
Fee: Lifetime access $128.00


Visual journaling, art journaling, shadow journaling, mixed-media journaling. Some feel there is a distinction between these approaches, yet the truth is, using books, journals, paper, glue, scissors and color is BIG, WILD, medicine for the Soul and Spirit. Using ritual, guided meditation and some time in nature with my horse, DreamWeaver Sunday, you will explore moving thoughts, feelings and emotions by spilling to the page without concern for the outcome. Wild Soul Medicine Journaling offers you a way to explore feelings and emotions, as you dive into the world of your unconscious wisdom. By letting go of the reins and allowing the writing, color, and imagery to guide you, you will bypass your linear mind, uncovering aspects of self that are often hidden in intellect. Wild Soul Medicine Journaling will deepen your relationship to yourSELF and the beautiful mystery that is your inner world.

For hundreds of years artists have been cutting and pasting magazine and newspaper clippings, photos, handmade papers, and found objects into new and exciting images called collage. In 21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors we’re keeping the tradition alive with the help of 21 talented, mixed-media teachers whose workshops range from traditional collage principles to more experimental approaches. If you are new to mixed-media or simply looking to give your creative practice a boost, 21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors is filled with fresh ideas, fun lessons, practical techniques and inspiration galore.

21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors is a downloadable 150+ pages eBook containing 25+ hours of videos, full color photos, templates, and clear instructional content that is yours to keep for a lifetime.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A downloadable 200+ page eBook that contains my workshop and 20 other mixed-media lessons from internationally recognized artists. This eBook is packed with 25+ hours of videos, full color photos, templates, and clear instructional content that is yours to keep.
  • Unlimited access to all lessons at once! You pick and choose which ones you do and when. There is no time limit or deadlines to meet so you will never feel like you’re falling behind!
  • Membership to the private 21 SECRETS Face Time Facebook community where you can share, be inspired, and receive warm, supportive feedback.
  • The opportunity to learn a variety of mixed-media techniques and approaches from the comfort of your home/studio. Belong to a supportive online artist community that has been growing strong since 2010! At 21 SECRETS we celebrate everyone’s unique expression and support artists in becoming confident and courageous while creating from the heart!

21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors is now available with immediate access! PURCHASE RIGHT HERE!


Date(s): The First Monday of the New Moon Each Month
6:30pm Mountain Time Zone
Venue: Click this link to join the community – ONLINE FACEBOOK GROUP

Join our online community the first Monday evening of the New Moo LIVE FROM MY STUDIO ON FACEBOOK. Here’s what you will need: A quiet space. A candle. Have a 9×12 spiral bound journal, some inexpensive paint, magazines, scissors and a glue stick at the ready!

The live feed begins at 6:00pm. PLEASE NOTE: I won’t be answering questions, so I can be fully present. If you do have some questions, please put them in the chat box during the live feed and I will answer before the end of the week!  Feel free to share if you have friends who might be intersted in joining us for a monthly gathering online!



Art, Healing and HOPE
Date(s)The Second Sunday Each Month

Time: 9:30am-11:30am 6:30pm Mountain Time Zone
Venue: The Art Base, Basalt, Colorado
Fee: COMPLIMENTARY Sponsored by The Art Base in Basalt Colorado
Limited to 12 people** PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. CALL: 970-927-4123
**This class has been selling out with wait lists each month.

Experience the power of community in an art class designed for healing, alleviating stress and decompressing while having fun! Explore your creativity and make connections, drawing insight from within. All experience levels are welcome and the focus is on process, rather than the end result. Every month there will be a new theme. All materials are included, or bring a project you’re already working on!