Is it June 29 already? It has been a busy month, kind of a blur. Teaching, art shows and finalizing last details with the book contract, not to mention getting the project up and running. We have almost all our participants in place and the group is my dream team. I have one more slot to fill and the packet has been handed over to someone who I found in the most unexpected of ways! She was divine sent… It’s hush, hush, but I have to tell you I am simply filled with gratitude and joy when I think about all the people who have come on board.

Lots of ideas are spinning around in my mind and this is all to be balanced with the possibility of buying a space to house my business and some other interesting life changes. Life changes…yes it does. I have a  friend who has her studio in what she calls the Green House. She wrote me the other day and asked how things were going in the River House. I wrote her back and said,"turbulent but steady flow."

So how do we learn to ride the waves of life. All the years I lived in Florida I was not an ocean surfer, I was a cement surfer, a skateboard "chic."  I learned to ride the pavement and empty pools. Seems kind of funny to me now, as water has a much softer landing. It was a rush and I loved being one if not the only girl with a Logan Earth Ski. I can still ride, but don’t expect to get me into a pool any time soon. It hurts a lot more to fall now!

What I remember about riding was there were two important things. The first of course was balance and the second was my mind set. The more focused and present I was, the better I was able to ride and the better my balance appeared to be. I still use this metaphor when the turbulent waters begin to rush by. It gives me a chance to look for an eddy so I can be in the still water and take a breath.

This year I will be looking for a lot of eddy’s as things move ahead.

Write it: How does being present in the moment allow for you to increase the balance in your work and life?