This was posted on the Daily Art Muse blog and makes my heart leap for joy! 

"It’s the day after Christmas.  For many households this means lots of garbage: cardboard, boxes, wrapping paper and packing materials.  Anna Serrano doesn’t see garbage – instead she is acutely aware of the opportunity waiting for her among the mundane materials.  Take a look at her cardboard sculpture,Cartonlandia, a five-foot tall world of corrugated-collage  people, places and things." by Susan Lomuto

Check it out! 

2 Responses

  1. How about next year instead of wrapping paper and all of the other fixings using reusable gift wrap.Visit Lyziwraps™ were created by an eighth grader for an “innovation” competition after discovering that Americans produce 25% more waste between Thanksgiving and New Years, 1 million tons/week. Beautiful wrappings that can be used year after year, creating a tradition of their own. The wrappings are so exquisite that they are a gift in and of themselves, just ask Sheri. And the origin of Lyziwraps is a wonderfully inspiring story about a mother and daughter working together to make a difference; a daughter who had an idea and a mother who was listening and helped make it happen.

  2. Great idea Laura and since you were kind enough to give me one this holiday, I can say how COOL they are and the story is really awesome. I think we need to get an interview of them together. In the meantime I am going to add them to my inspiration list. Thanks for writing

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