© 2010 Sheri Gaynor, All Rights Reserved. Title: Two Moons

Today's Awakening:

It's been six months since my mother passed away and I made the decision to step into a life long dream of owning a horse. In June, I purchased Annie Two Moons, a beautiful palamino mare with my EAGALA partner,  Susan Gibbs. What I didn't know is the depth of personal discovery and growth, that would come to light from this powerful relationship with my horse. 

Although the road hasn't always been smooth and has even been filled with some lumps and bumps for both of us, yesterday was the day I was reminded that with practice + patience + love and trust…ALL things are possible. 

© 2010 Sheri Gaynor, All Rights Reserved. 
Title: Annie

Life lessons and healing through the wisdom of Annie Two Moons:

I began in June with an intuitive sense…There is no hurry…relationships take time…

Practice: Show up with beginners mind and the WILLINGNESS to fail, which in itself is the definition of "success." Relax, breathe, try again…

Patience: Spacial dyslexia makes knowing your right from left REALLY difficult sometimes. Annie's enduring patience has allowed me to find my way. Some days are great, some days are challenging. No blame, no shame, try again. 

Love: Unconditional and constant opens the door to possibility.

Trust: The ability to move forward from a shocking hard fall and the fear that came with it, to a solo trail ride through the snow covered hills, in the winter sun, as confident partners…

There are endless life lessons, in my dance with Annie…