As I step into the book proposal full force, the Universe appears to be sending me messages that I am on the right path. In the last week I received the most beautiful letters from "graduated" clients who have shared with me where their lives have gone this past year. I was so touched by these letters that I have saved them in my client card file and have asked permission to include them in the book proposal.

One woman is stepping into her dream and adopting her daughter, another has gotten more than one article published, another is quitting her job to start her own business and feels more confident that in doing so, her life will feel passionate and fulfilled in a way it never has before.

These letters have also been a validation for me about my choice to name this blog Living Our Dreams. As I worked with another client this week, she shared that she realized now that if she had not gotten the "emotional baggage" out of the way in our coaching sessions first, she would not have been able to come this far in her process of stepping into her dream. This is so true for all of us. If we don’t tend the old patterns and false beliefs, no matter what amount of coaching we do, there will issues that are running unconsciously under the surface, that might hold us back.

Thank you so much you amazing women for sharing where you lives have led you. I honor and celebrate the courage it took for each of you to stand in what was true for you! Bravo…you are truly Feisty Females…