I am still processing my experience. Re-entry is always disorienting. Part of my still yearns for the quiet, simple way of life and another part is filled to the brim with the creative flow that opened up as a result of my time away.

When I work with women I invite them to take some time each day to be in nature and stillness. Stillness is actually the important piece and where I live many people use nature as "sport."  My way is nature as teacher and healer.  The natural elements have many gifts to share with us.

So many ideas came to me this weekend, and I am  excited to share some of these ideas with you over the next few months.  Right now the priority is the book. That is my mantra…."The book is the priority, breathe, all the ideas will still flow." 

Honestly, I can’t believe how fast the time is passing, fall is around the corner…where did summer go! That is why I have an idea book, I call it my Fresh Ideas Journal. A place to catch those creative snippets that reveal themselves to me, that are not necessarily ready to be brought into the world. I invite all my clients, especially artist’s to do the same. I actually helps to keep on focused on the present task at hand. I think we are sometimes afraid that the ideas will float away on a breeze, unless we capture them right there and then and do something with them. Remember, we are inherently creative beings and as such, we have an endless well of ideas. Trust the process!

Here are a few more excerpts from the weekend:


"How joyous is this simple life. Rise at first light, fall back asleep telling myself I have nowhere to go today, just feel your body’s rhythm.  My body said, “Let’s just lie here a little longer, there is nothing TO DO, let’s not rush the day,” and so I listened. Coffee and cereal on the deck in the cool mountain air, followed by painted pages in my journal"

I decided to take an exploratory hike around the property. I was mindful of the bears, as we had a hard freeze late spring and they have been very hungry. In Aspen several have been breaking into homes and put down, as they have become acclimated and reliant on human garbage-which has not been disposed of safely-as a result of the freeze. It is actually heartbreaking to me and I wonder how we can find a way to co-exist…they were here first. As I hiked, I did see bear scat that looked fairly fresh, so I decided not to venture too far into the scrub oak today. It is not necessary to challenge my soul this weekend; I remembered the theme brought by the deer spirits at dusk last night…gentleness.   

"As I headed back down the cattle trail, I happened to look down and there was what can only be describe as a butterfly wing graveyard. Deer tracks and six delicate wings, just lying in the middle of the path, the metaphor felt powerful. Wings that had been shed, no longer needed for this part of the journey. I gently picked them up and took them back to the yurt, to add them to my journal page. "




"As the sun went over the ridge, I sat on the deck and began to meditate. Within about 2 minutes, the coyotes and feral dogs started their spine tingling calls. I don’t know if you are supposed to giggle during a meditation or if that defeats the purpose, but after about 5 minutes of hearing their high pitched yipping and frenzy, I realized I was living Pema Chodron’s “barking dogs of the mind,” phenomenon. The bees felt like they were buzzing at high decibels and I got buzzed by a hummingbird. After two days of quiet, actually all of nature felt a bit deafening tonight, it makes you wonder what we are not hearing in the midst of what we call civilization!"