Sunday continues to teach me the art of emotional agility, or as I like to share with clients, “how to become more horse like.”

We humans (I) have a tendency to fret, worry and ruminate. Horses, on the other hand, assess, take action, and go back to grazing. As Linda Kohanov says, “They don’t ruminate about the mountain lion walking through the pasture for the next three days.” The first time I heard Linda say that I laughed out loud, with deep recognition.

This past month, as we’ve been getting ready to leave the ranch where we’ve been living for three years, I have been worrying about how this change would effect her. She had another laminitis episode about 2 weeks ago, so I’ve been nursing her feet back to health. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to tell me she wanted to “stay put.”

Well, if there was ever a sign of “readiness,” my girl-who after several cross country trailer rides, due to her gypsy spirit mama, does not like trailers-walked right into my tiny trailer, we closed the door, and off we went with the generous help of my dear friend Erasmo B Tapia. A short trailer ride later, we were at her new home. She literally pulled me into her paddock, seeming to know which one it was, without me showing her! For the next 2 hours she rolled, bucked, farted and ran around her new paddock. I guess her feet weren’t hurting that much! LOL!

There are those of us who believe that horses move between the worlds. Although I don’t always feel like I can “hear” her, it’s clear that my girl, gets the messages I am sharing with her.

Once again today, she showed me the gift these sentient beings have to offer, if only we humans will listen and get out of our own way.

And so tonight I can be gentle with mySELF as I remember and continue to learn from her, that life is truly about practice…not perfection.

To those of you I worried today, I am sorry, you only got half the story! Now you have the rest. Thank you for your well wishes and the postive energy you sent to her. I could feel it the moment she walked onto that trailer!

To see Sunday demonstrate the “Art of Emotional Agility,” upon arriving at her new home, click this link! Emotional agility.Sundayvideo

Sheri + DreamWeaver Sunday

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