Today’s mission was to do just that.

I began these paintings in an online class I took part in this fall. (Fig 1 and 2). To be honest, I never finished the class. I was looking for a shot of Vitamin C-reativity and it didn’t rock my world the way I’d hoped it would. 

I’ve been teaching transformational creative process workshops since 1998, when I rolled out my first class, Realizing Your Creative Spirit. What I came to understand in the online class was…there really wasn’t much in it for me that I would call a news flash.

That may sound BOLD and GRANDIOSE,  but it’s truth.

Once I was able to admit that not-small-revelation to mySELF and realized that I honestly wasn’t having fun painting in someone else’s style, I stopped participating in the lessons and the online forum.

The canvases have been sitting in a corner staring at me every since.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a good thing to step out of our comfort zone and try something new, it’s what keeps us fresh and growing.

More importantly, it can also be a way to find what’s true for US, not someone else.

And so today, I decided to reclaim a part of myself to recover my authentic voice.

The authentic voice that has a unique fingerprint, that is only mine.

The authentic voice that lives inside me AND each + every one of us.

And here is the result. The two canvases shown above, RECLAIMED.

Painted over, channeled through the Divine, and my authentic heart and soul.

Such is the nature of the creative process, as I believe it to be. A witness and reflection of our everyday lives.

Figure 1

Figure 1 -Reclaimed

Figure 2 - Reclaimed

Figure 2 – Reclaimed