I hit the send button and sent off the book manuscript to my editor at 4:55 PM yesterday!  A full year of my life, sent with the touch of a keyboard. 

What a mixture of feelings, relief, joy and surprisingly sadness. It has been a glorious year reaching for and living my long term intention…that of "someday writing a book."  The year has been filled with wonderful and synchronistic experiences and just enough challenges. Balancing writing the manuscript for a book and a coaching practice with coordinating over 11 other contributing artists and creating over 30 pieces of art myself, was not always easy I can tell you. But with an enormous amount of organization, I managed to get it all together and into my editor two days before my actual deadline! Honestly, I look back in amazement. The personal growth I experienced as a result of both, has made me a stronger-more empowered and FEISTY woman! 

And now it is time for letting go and celebrating, knowing in my  heart I have given it my all and letting go of attachment to the outcome. Tricky business I can tell you.

To my friends, family, clients and the phenomenal contributing artists involved in this project, THANK YOU! Thank you for your love, support, trust and sticking with me…even on the days I was a bit…grumpy!

It is spring and time to move into the landscape of my life.

Contribute: What has been your biggest accomplishment to date and how did you manage to stay on track?