Last week was bonding time for Sir Blue and his new family. I am feeling it for sure! Wow, if I wasn’t in shape before, I will certainly be now and I have had to up my caloric intake to keep up with his energy!

As Blue and I spent the week bonding, he gave me the opportunity to reflect on the idea of second chances. We all deserve them don’t we? An opportunity to let go of a bad fit and find the one that is just perfect for us? He is also my teacher, I am learning a lot about myself and my idea of being a dog owner again. What it means to build a trusting relationship, one built on love and mutual respect. It has been 4 years since we lost Feats and much longer then that for training a dog.

It’s time to get back to work. Although it wasn’t a complete week off, I really needed that break and a new focus to let go of the book writing and begin dreaming about next steps. In addition to bonding time, I also spent last week  interviewing new and potential members of my Feisty team. I met the most incredible women. All amazing, talented and incredibly competent in their specific niches. WOW! Feisty Female® solo entrepreneurs really rock. The most difficult job for me this week will be choosing among them. I wish I had the budget to hire them all.

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