I live in a little wonderland. Apparently all my neighbors cats think so too and every once in awhile we have to have some discussions on cohabitation. There is a sister pair of young cats, a black one and a grey one who enjoy hanging around the studio and romping through our woods and property. The black one still won’t let me get near her, but yesterday, she tried to get brave about coming inside to say hello. One morning I found her stuck up in the tree and I attempted a rescue, but she was so afraid, it was clear she was going to go further up if I approached her. She was finally able to get herself down without an intervention from her owners.

This morning through the curtain I saw something moving about, outside my studio door.  I am always curious when I see movement, as I know it could be anything! In times past it has been a marmot, a fox and a young deer bedded down. I looked out the studio door to find the black cat, green eyes wide, with a garter snake in her mouth. I knew it was still alive so I told her to let it go and she dropped it. The beautiful snake curled up in a ball and waited while I got my camera. I came running back to find the black cat ready for a second attempt, at which time we had a discussion. I feel very protective of snakes-this from a woman who can’t stand to be within an inch of a spider-so I can’t tolerate that behavior, or attacks on my bird population from the little felines. Nature is nature, but as long as I am around, it’s going to be a fair fight.

After taking my photographs for future creative material, I picked her up and felt her cool, velvet-like skin slip though my hands. I think she knew I was there to help her,  so neither of us panicked. I released her into the tall grass and watched her slither off, hoping she was safe for awhile from the little predatory kitty.


How interesting to have a symbolic representation of creation and alchemy as I worked on a piece for the book.  I have a deep connection with snake as a metaphor for my life and so it does not feel surprising that I do not have a fear of them, per say.

This morning felt like a blessing and it is not the first visit the studio has had from a snake. I came downstairs one day to find one half-way in the door. It is not surprising to me actually, as there is so much feminine energy in this space. So many women’s stories are now embedded in these walls. So much growth, so much transformation. As an artist and coach, I welcome the shedding of old skins, as part of birth-death-rebirth cycle…the healing journey.