Yummy! I started a 2-week workshop with one of my favorite artist/teachers, Holly Roberts. I took a class from Holly waaaay back in 1990 and she helped me to understand oil painting. This year I applied for a scholarship and was blessed to receive this from Anderson Ranch so I could attend another with her.

It’s time to get some feedback and input from someone else and the timing could not be perfect after completing over 30 pieces of art last year for the book. I am ready to be challenged and pushed to the next level.

She started that with me yesterday by telling me to put away my brushes and work with  my left hand. Yep, nothing new to any of us, but it sure helps to be challenged to do it from someone you respect and trust. The piece above was created without brushes and only with my left hand. It’s not finished, I will post the finished piece, but I was so excited by the breakthrough I wanted to show it to you. I started another one, but for some reason my new iphone-yep I made the plunge-won’t let me email it. I will post it tomorrow.

Today’s mantra…when the student is ready…the teacher appears….

Have a great day all!