Writing a book has to be one of the most exciting and challenging things I have done to date. Just when things are smooth sailing, something kicks up to throw me off center. Such is the stuff of life.I know it is all part of the process and the things that show up, allow me to burn off my fear and ignite my heart with love and faith.

The beginning of the week was one of those tests. Eight months into the book endeavor, I have learned to put on my helmet and strap myself in until the ride settles down. Thankfully today the waters are calm again, and I feel stronger and more solid for the challenge! It also provided me an opportunity to birth an art piece for the book that has been simmering inside for awhile. Crisis/opportunity two sides of the same coin.

In addition, the Goddess must have been watching over my shoulder, as she sent me two beautiful gifts today. It was as if she brushed my heart and said, "Trust, keep walking down the path, don’t give up, you have something to share with the world." Here was her special delivery to me today…My heart is so full.

An hour ago I received an email from a client I worked with in 1990. She Googled me and took time out of her day to tell me how much our work together meant to her. Tears rolled down my face as I read her letter. To hear the "middle" of her life story and where the path has taken her meant so much to me today. She was a young woman at the time and as the seasons turn, she is now mentoring a step-daughter, who is about the same age she was when we worked together…17 years ago.

She shared that the time we spent together co-creating and planting her seeds, has offered her an opportunity to support her step-daughter in seeking help for herself. "Growing up is full of pot holes," she wrote, which actually took my breath away, as I used the words pot hole in the book this week. True story!!! Synchronicity? I don’t think so. I know better these days, we are all part of a larger collective unconscious and symbols and metaphors move through each of us, to remind us we are not alone.

The second gift I received today, was a phone message this afternoon from a former client who I saw on the street today. We were both rushing to appointments, so there was no time to catch up. In her phone message she told me that seeing me reminded her that she wanted to take a moment to let me know where she is now that she has taken her leap! "I have a waiting list, to see me," she shared, giddy with delight. I can’t wait to call her back and share that I am not surprised, as I knew when she was ready, really ready, people would be lining up at her door.

Why am I writing this today? Over the years, I too have looked for people who have made a difference in my life, to say thank you. It has always felt important to let someone know
how much they meant to me. I once looked through every "Elliot" in the
South Florida phone book, to find a former teacher, so I could tell him that I am
the teacher I am today, because I learned everything I know from watching him teach. I learned  what
it takes to capture someone’s attention, to shine light into the imagination of someone’s mind. He was mesmerizing, a true artist of his craft. I don’t know if I actually
ever found him, but I left messages on several people’s machines in the
hopes that one of them was him.

‘Tis the season.  I am going to pass the gratitude forward.
Tomorrow, let’s find one person to thank.
Think big, think out of the
box, who’s heart can you fill today by letting them know they have
helped you live your dreams!

The art of co-creating with women and the dance of mentorship, is one
of the blessings of the work I do in the world. Witnessing women grow
their wings and fly, is a gift I receive on a daily basis.

To all my clients and students, I am humbled by your courage. Thank you for sharing your lives with me.

Contribute: Who did you contact today and why?



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  1. i’ve spent some time over here this morning (thanks to penelope’s link). like you, i am an artist and social worker (MSW), and am in the throws of writing a book, too (!). i love your writing, your art, your way of supporting other fiesty females. i am so glad i found you this morning and look forward to coming back here in this space.

  2. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks so much for posting. Penelope is a gem isn’t she? I so enjoyed talking with her. I hope you were able to hear the interview.
    Please excuse the delay in responding, Typepad is trying to figure out why I am not receiving regular notifications. ;(
    I have not posted since the first, but plan to ASAP, been buried in end of and beginning of the year stuff.
    Keep coming back!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing with me.

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