Friday set into motion quite a frenzy of activity and intention setting. It was all things book and my editor had informed me that a significant part of the book would have to be taken out-4 days before going to print-if we were not able to get a signed release. Typically I would have said, "Well, okay, let’s just take it out," but this particular poem has been the mantra of my life for 10 years!

What is quite astonishing about this event is that in times past I would have collapsed under the pressure-actually the pressure of writing this book altogether! Instead I set my intention to do everything in my power to find the author and get the needed permission. It was not that I had not done tried to find them before, I was just completely unsuccessful and had "heard" that the poem was now in the public domain. Since I am one feisty and determined woman and don’t believe in stomping on anyone’s copyrights, I would have removed the poem. Instead, I decided to become "Sheri THE DETECTIVE" and give this a 150% effort and proceeded on an internet treasure hunt. Because this particular poem was life changing for me, I created the intention that I would find the author and then did what I could do and then gave it to the Goddess.

I honestly felt like if this was meant to happen, I would find the author…and guess what….with the help of some amazing people-all of them strangers to me until this weekend…I now have a signed release from the most generous of human beings. This has actually been a circle of individuals that I have been dancing around for sometime. One of them was mentioned to me over 3 years ago as someone who’s book I should read and get in touch with. I read the book  and I loved it, but never contacted him. I know there is a reason this has occurred beyond what I can see at this moment. I look forward to seeing how the rest of it unfolds.

Thank you Robert….may your journey be filled with light and grace….You have given me a gift I could never repay. I will complete the circle as agreed….

I am a true believer now….