The rain is falling and the trees are beginning to pop with that beautiful shade of spring green that doesn’t come in a paint tube. This time of year always carries with it a sense of renewal and hope as I watch the earth come alive again after a dark, cold winter. As I listen to the birds chirping outside my window, I think of the families of the Virginia Tech students and hold them in my heart today.

I read that many of the students returned to campus yesterday and most felt "compelled" to do so to support one another in the healing process. Weary of media-and rightfully so-many said that they needed to return to begin a healing journey for themselves and to support their classmates and friends in beginning this process as well.

I am awed by their courage and their intuitive understanding that healing takes place when we acknowledge our pain and feelings of grief and allow them a space to transition.  The wisdom of youth takes my breath away. We could all learn from these amazing students.