As we move through this business decision during the 2nd Great Depression-yep, let's get real about the terminology-I find myself trading in my paint brushes for a calculator most days. This doesn't bother me too much as I know this is part of my 2010 intention, that of truly stepping into and embracing financial consciousness. 

I know we talk a lot about dreaming, here on my blog, and most of you know that I am also of the mind that it's important to take calculated steps toward your dreams, so you feel a sense of both liberation and foundation as you leap. This is where I've been the last week. Crunching numbers, trying the spaces on, and doing a lot of writing of business ideas and plans. YEP! I said it, I have written up my first business plan. The only piece left is the numbers and I will be working on plugging those in with my accountant. Now that is really FEISTY for a dyslexic artist-social worker don't you think?

A few months ago, we created a Council of advisors. This is not your ordinary board of directors by any means. We are doing things in a different way and our meeting begin with crayons and plenty of tissues on the table. We begin from the emotional and creative realm, as a way of tapping into what is underneath the surface, and clearing the path for truth, minus projection. Don't get me wrong, these women are STRONG business women, they can put the muscle to the corporate world if need be. I feel grateful to have them by my side and they have spent many hours with me as we move toward paths that have no current tangible outcome. The cool thing is that I've even got my accountant in on this idea and Toni and I gifted her with her own traveling set of crayons! But she's no ordinary accountant, she can live in both worlds and that's why she's by our side! 

I began this Sunday's meeting by asking the question, "Where are you today in our decision?" This is what showed up. 


We each took turns speaking about our images and how we felt in the moment. The images helped us to by-pass the left brain to some degree and tune into the emotional world. 

The image below, shows where I was that day-and to some degree, still am-I am split between my head and my heart space. Sound familiar to anyone? The spiral symbolizes the way my mind feels most days as we make the decision. Not a pretty picture is it? 

The heart space shows the truth of what I feel when I visualize the space and the vibrant community we are building. The black around the image shows the void…the Mystery…the UnKNOWN, and that is the place where fear burrows it's way in the door, if we let it.


As I look at the image as it is cropped in this photo, I see SHE is also surrounded with the blossoms of growth. The flowers created by one of the members of my Sacred Council. It's as if the flowers are reaching out to my uncertainty and inviting me to bloom with them.

Our Valley is about a year behind the rest of the country in terms of the economic crisis. With the current state of economic uncertainty, and with so many of our friends in our community losing their jobs now and having no work, this decision is a REAL one. Yet we don't have to make it from a fearful place, we get to make it from an educated place, and that is all I have to do today. We have to stay with our hearts and to some degree as Ed Mills of the Abundant Mystic series-which I highly recommend-said the other day, "It's not your job to know HOW, it's your job to take action!" This is exactly what I believe about creating intention…when we take action, we can feel better about moving toward our dreams…

How have you worked through a split between your heart and mind lately? Feel free to share…we'd love to hear from you. Your story might just support someone else!