Remember I told you that I had a photograph of my brother wearing the exact hat-but in shocking pink-I found a few weeks ago at my friends vintage shop. Well guess what, it wasn’t my brother after all, it was me! What a surprise when I found the image of me beside a pool somewhere in Florida, Circa 1970 and pre-sunscreen products.


When I work with women who feel a bit lost in the "What’s next" department, we talk about the seeds of their dreams being somewhere in their early life. We do an exercise that allows them to look back, to find what might be a seed to an early passion. We then find out if that seed is in need of water, or if it was just an interest that was not meant to see sunlight.

All my life I wanted to be an artist. I knew it somewhere in the deepest place of my heart. There were many times I thought I would have to let go of that dream, yet I found my way to weave together my passion for creativity and my love of empowering women to step into their dreams.


Here is a photo I found of myself while searching for the hat photo. Every year just about this time, our community in New York would host a Halloween window painting contest. I never actually won anything, but it sure was fun to make a mess on someone else’s window without getting in trouble for it!

When I saw this photograph, I realized that this was one of my seeds. Seeing myself this way confirmed that I
have indeed stepped in the direction of my budding artist’s dreams!

Contribute: How have you stepped into the seeds of your dreams as an adult?