Musings from the Journey

How Coming Together Heals Hearts

In times of community tragedy, those not directly impacted can feel emotions of what is known as survivor guilt. Today like many of you I grieve with those who lost their homes in the Lake Christine Wildfire.

The C Word

I've been thinking a lot about the C word in the last few weeks and the impact it has made in my life and those I have been blessed to work with. "What's the C word," you ask? Creativity. Last week I received a letter, "Your book saved my life." I've been thinking of...

Spirit Driven

In my work with addicts we talk about "turning it over to our higher power." It's a pretty simple mantra, but a much more difficult practice for most of us. Can I trust that there is something beyond mySELF that can lead the way? In my 26 years of sobriety, I've come...

Thrilling Announcement!

I am SO incredibly honored and thrilled to announce that my proposal was accepted and I will be teaching at the International Equine Summit! Thank you Shelley Rosenberg! Not only that...guess who's the Key Note speaker? Temple Grandin! I will be sharing how how I have...

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