Photo of me circa 1964, feeling feisty and ready to step into my dreams!

I received two very exciting emails from clients today. Both have been taking small but very FEISTY steps toward their dreams and now they are in the throngs of success. Next step? Juggling the balls!!

With success comes management. Not always a creative person’s strong suit. That said, I promise, it is not as hard as it might feel, it can be done with a little prioritizing.

Here are a couple of tips that have worked for me.

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Get a large 12-month calendar for your studio. The kind that shows the entire 12-months and uses the dry erase markers
  • USE IT! This will help you with planning and to see the path ahead and keep you from feeling overwhelmed
  • Know when to say yes and learn the art of saying no. It can be tempting in the beginning to take it all on
  • Each day make a list of 2 priorities for the day, plan time in your day-timer for these to occur and don’t let anything come between those priorities
  • Remember to breathe…all day long. Take time at your computer, office or studio to close your eyes and take a very deep inhale and exhale. This will be one of the most important things you can do to manage the success!

CONTRIBUTE: How do you manage success?