The Journal from the Heart workshop here at the River House Studio, was a wonderful success. The theme for our workshop was Harvest: Balancing Light and Dark. Mabon
is the time of the second harvest. During this time of equal darkness
and light, we harvest crops and prepare for winter. It is a time of
giving thanks for all we have received and gratitude for that we
already have. It is a time of balance,  and reflection and preparing
ourselves for the winter’s shorter days and longer nights.The studio was a bit crowded, but the women rolled with it and were patient and encouraging about hosting more workshops here.

We began the workshop in the brisk morning air, weaving our hearts together, gathered around Open Heart, a sculpture created for me by glass artist Shannon Muse.
With the sounds of the geese as they flew overhead and gently flowing river taking us into a
relaxed and creative space, we began with a guided meditation and
silent walk, to reflect and set our intentions for the day. Thank you so much
Shannon for creating such a magnificent piece to bless our day.





Since taking my hiatus from teaching to write the book, I have
missed teaching. It has been over a year since my last
class and it was truly amazing to take a moment and reflect on the last
year of my life. Last fall, I was just beginning the process of writing
Creative Awakenings. In many ways I was still wrestling with my fear
and uncertainty about creating a book readers would enjoy. It was
incredibly synchronistic-there are no accidents-that as I began to
organize for the workshop, the final book draft arrived for my review!
This copy had everything in place for the first time. All the photos,
the contributing artist stories and the techniques. I called my editor
and told her I was squealing because I could not sit down and read it,
as I had a full day of clients. Talk about HARVEST! To see the
manifestation of this long held dream, was truly my bountiful fall 2008

Contribute: Take some time this week to
reflect on your own harvest. What have you planted in the soil of your
life in the last year that is just now being harvested?