It's been an exciting week of babies, babies, babies! I tell you I think half the women in our town are waiting to give birth! There have been celebrations, blessing ways and a delivery! Lotus Pearl arrived in the wee hours of the morning on Soul Sessions Sunday! Her arrival and timing seemed just perfect as her mom was the organizer of our first Transformational Birth class!   

As we drummed, danced and painted, Sunday morning, this image came to me. I don't normally paint with the group, but there was a sense of urgency as the image pushed it's way into my psyche. I know it is a literal representation of her name, yet I also know it's symbolic of my own experience in this moment. 

During the weekend I attended a birth shower and a blessing way. There were 4 pregnant women in the room and the air felt charged with the power of all this new life. I had a realization that afternoon. In so many ways, what I am moving through in this new part of my own life, turning 50, I am experiencing the birth of a new part of myself. 

As I continue to break through some old patterning, I experience a lot of what the women talk about in our class. Fear of the unknown, discomfort, lack of sleep some nights and dancing with the inevitable place we all must go…to that of trust and letting go. 

As I spoke to some of the women that day of the BIG dream we are embarking on, tears flowed knowing that many of them had passed through my life as clients or students at some point. I had even married two of them. WOW! Now that is history. So what do you do in the face of the LOGICAL saying "NO," and the heart saying "YES!" ? 



Thank you to all the women who are joining me on for Expedition. The class is closed now and we begin Feb 15 and it promises to be quite a journey!