Let it SNOW!!! It is finally winter. We have been in a bit of a drought, which was nerve racking for all concerned, including my husband who is a ski instructor. Tomorrow afternoon just might look like the perfect day to play hooky from some hefty work time, to nurture my self and ski my first runs of the year.

Here are a couple of Gift from the Heart ideas for you:


Idea 1. Cost: $3.50 I made this peace wreath the other day from boughs that were too long on our huge pine tree. I used bailing wire to hold the limbs in place and some ribbon to form the peace symbol.  Since we don’t get a tree, this was a great way to acknowledge our hopes for the season.  This would make a great gift for anyone and it does not have to be a peace symbol. I have collected discarded boughs from tree stands for years and tied them with everything from chili peppers to popcorn.


Sophie and Rob Dasaro at Steve’s Guitars in Carbondale, CO
*Photo courtesy Stephanie Dasaro
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Idea 2. Cost Free: Remember we were talking about our spending more time with our children? Well a few weekends ago my husband and I attended a "Musical Genes" show at our local music establishment, Steve’s Guitars. He put the idea together to host an evening for parents and kids who are playing music together. We knew several of the families so we went and sat in. It was simply the most heartwarming experience I can remember in a long, long time. There were moments when I felt tears coming to my eyes, from the pride in the faces of the parents as they stood on the stage with their children. There were also a few moments of laughter as the children showed up their parents by stealing the show (like when Sophie had to show her dad the chords to the song they were playing!) Carly Rosenthal was simply beautiful as she played her violin to songs she and her father Dan had written together. Mom, Pam, sat proudly in the audience taking the evening off from her bass playing. And the Skinner family, well, what can I say, tackling YES in 3-part harmony, WOW! I was in absolute awe of courage it took for those kids to get up there and perform.   

I have memories of being a child and gathering with my grandparents, uncles and cousins and music, dancing and singing filled the room. My husband and I play guitar and used to sing and play together quite a bit. My brother is a musician as well, and I have some great memories of singing and playing with him as well. It is these small moments that we will remember for a life time and the holiday season is the perfect time to begin or continue a tradition.

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