to be home again.


I had a wonderful time in Los Angeles, but was ready in some ways to come home the BIG WIDE OPEN! Blue and I took our lunch break at our favorite park and spring was very much in the air. Warm breezes and green grasses, filled the spaces where only a week ago winters chill had lived. 

It was a fruitful week in LA and I am in the process of digesting it all. Doors opened to many new possibilities, and I had a completely different experience in LA this time then I have had in the past. It's not all glitz and glam. There are some phenomenal down to earth, real deal, feisty females in that city, and I am glad to let go of my stereotype! I owe LA an apology! Consider it done!

An enlightening conversation with a client this morning, reminded me again, that simmering is all part of the process of transformation. For me Spring is often the time those dreams and ideas we've had simmering on low during winter darkness, are ready to come to a full boil. 

Can you feel it? What is calling you? 

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  1. Hi Sheri!
    I too had terrible stereotypes about LA and when our daughter and son-in-law, who are working in animation, invited us down last year, I wished that they had moved somewhere else.
    When we got down there I was blown away by the Culture there. The Getty Museum, the LA Museum/ art Gallery were both FANTASTIC. The beaches were powerful and the food was fresh, plentiful and tasty. I couldn’t get over how many types of flowers bloomed and the Spanish influenced architecture. I too was glad to have my stereotype blown away.
    Sheri, what part of the US do you live in? Those look like impressive mountains in the distance.

  2. Hi Flora, I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. In a small mountain town called Carbondale. The mountain in the background is Mt. Sopris. She is my touchstone and one for many of us here. You can read more about that on page 34 in your book!
    Thanks for writing, it’s good there are two of us here who have learned not to judge a city by it’s media reputation!

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