It must be spring, I could feel the urge to clear my home and freshen things up. I tend to be like the birds, I nest in spring. After our cold dark winters, it’s time to wipe of the red dust, throw open the shades, and open the doors wide!

I knew it was coming, I would look around my place and it felt like we were living in a college dorm. Papers were scattered everywhere, winter boots, coats and skis still lurked in the hallway needing some TLC. Mind you, I am not a clean freak, but I get to a certain point, where it just feels overwhelming and claustrophobic, so when my hubby left on Monday for a 3 week Grand Canyon trip-can you say jealous-I decided it was time for EXTREME HOUSE and STUDIO MAKEOVER.

The real inspiration came when I received a notice that Interweave Press-Cloth, Paper Scissor, STUDIO Magazine was having a sale…3 STUDIOS for $20.00. Oooooh la, la…the time spent on the trip out and back to L.A. was filled with hours of drooling, dreaming and sketching in my journal. What I loved about the editions, was that it featured all kinds of studios, from tiny closets, to gorgeous custom two story dream studios. 

One of the most inspiring for me, was the story about artist Lesley Riley who works at times on her bed, thus proving what I have always believed…creativity is REALLY not always about the space. It’s about making the time to make it happen. Over the years, I have worked in a corner of a 700 sq ft studio apartment, on the floor on a tarp in my bedroom and in a studio I had on Main Street in town until the rent was raised, at which time we moved to our current house and I brought the studio home. I like working at home for a variety of reasons, the most of which is that I can head over to my studio anytime the Muse whispers. I also like the Green factor: less driving, conserving energy and keeping our financial expenses to a comfortable level = sustainability. 

Since moving out of my Main Street studio space, I have written a book and created a ton of art for the pages, but in doing so, I had to break apart the studio and writing areas from my client space, because I really needed a place to spread out and not have to worry about cleaning up. 

The solution? My living room became my studio and a corner under our stairway became the writing area. This did the trick, but I was constantly in the hubby’s space. The walls in the hallway downstairs became a giant story board. The walls in the living room were covered with pieces of drywall and became an inspiration board and painting staging area. Andy was UBER patient while the book took over our home for 2 years, but we were both ready for CHANGE! So this is how Extreme House-Studio Makeover was born! This video is part one of the makeover. 

Our mission? To convert 3 separate working areas into one functional 165 sq ft space for me, my clients and teaching small workshops. Our budget? Re-use, reduce, recycle and spend only where it will enhance space and functionality. 

I want to thank the following people for their help. Kathy Beckwith for moral support and the ability to “see space!” Ken Beckwith who came to the rescue putting together the kitchen cart which was designed as a torture device and Terry McShane who rescued me when I realized that 6-ft of drywall really does weigh more than I do! 

I will share with you my budget in part two. 

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  1. Cool! It’s so exciting to re-create your space! I’m looking forward to seeing the next phase. BTW, I love the painting on the easel:)

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