I have just come off one of the most powerful weekends of my life,
where synchronicity and the law of attraction were clearly present. I
was asked to preside over a clients wedding several months ago, to
bring the aspect of the Goddess and feminine to the ceremony.

I shared
this incredible honor with several other people bringing their traditions to the
circle, including our new friend, Onepaw,
an Apache, Native American Indian. In all, four different
spirituality’s/religions were present that day. I honestly think it was
one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever seen. Onepaw stayed
with my husband and me for several days, sharing the story of his life.
We feel blessed to have him in our lives now as our friend. He is a
true artist/healer. 

At the same time, I was finishing a fiction book
that my friend Wendy-who had no idea about the ceremony-had given me
that in many ways mirrored the entire experience! I think the book
Wendy lent me, is the aspect that gives me the most goosebumps!

As we move into
the dog days of August, I am in awe as I look back over July. No matter
how many years I have been doing this work, I still wonder at times,
how our days can be so filled with such extremes of shadow and light
occurring at the same time. In her book The Places That Scare You,
Pema Chodron (see Learn It in the side bar for the book link) would say,these are "two sides of one coin…an
interesting, smelly, rich, fertile mess of stuff…when it is all mixed
up together, it’s us, humanness."

Last night artist Susan Tuttle and I had our interview about her experience with the book concept. Susan was the first of
the invited artist’s in our dream circle to work the process.
Listening to her journey during the month of July, had the startling
effect of bringing the book to life for me, which is interesting as my
intention for August, is about initiation.

I was transfixed as Susan read me the journal entries she had
written over the month. What I shared with her was that many of the
experiences she had, were experiences that my students have had over
the years I have taught this process-which of course, she could have
never known. In many ways, Susan walked the steps of the class, without
having a manual! Now how is that for synchronicity and magic.

Susan immersed herself in the EnVision process. I feel so much
gratitude for her grace and enthusiasm.  When I asked
Susan if she would use the process again she said, “OH MY GOSH…EVERYDAY
FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!, This is not new to me, but I can now put it
into a context."

I also want to say Happy Birthday to my dad! May the year ahead bring you happiness, joy and contentment.



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