Oooh…I am proud to announce that Feisty Females® has joined the DIVA’s! I am officially A DIVA! My brother could have told you that years ago, as his nickname for me is Mariahsheri, but I thought it was time to make the official announcement.

"Entrepreneur, Trendsetter and Do-er" and Chief Diva, Suzi Finer has created a fun, funky and extremely hip site called, "I am a DIVA." When I found  out about this, I sent her an email asking if I could come and play in the catbox. She wrote back right away and said, "YES!" I was soooo excited, I can now embrace my inner DIVA and I can tell you she is quite Feisty!

Stay tuned, I am going to post my first DIVA article on Monday, Embracing your Inner Feisty Female®.

Would you like to be quoted in the article?  Leave a comment and let me know how you have embraced your inner Feisty Female® and I will add a link to your site!