In recent days, new users to blog land have written to ask me how to post a comment and contribute. I have decided to post this quick tutorial, to make the process simple.

Step 1. At the very, very bottom of each post you will see an invitation to contribute in pink. Just below that will be a footer highlighted in green with several links including one that says Comment (0). The whole package will look somewhat like this.

Contribute: Do you have a special Hanukkah or holiday family tradition/celebration that you would like to share?

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Step 2. All those buttons have great capabilities, but lets just focus on the Comment button. See it above?

Step 3. This is what you click on to leave a post. Click the Comments link (there will be numbers between 0 and up, this is also where you can read what others have posted).

Step 4. When you have clicked the comment button, you will see a screen that looks like this: This is where you enter your info and comment. You don’t have to have a URL to comment, just an email address. If you would like to show your URL, enter it into the field. You also do NOT have to be a TypePad member to comment. If you are, just sign in.

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Step 6: MY GRATITUDE for your contributions!