January 1, 2014


It’s a good day to EnVision.

What is EnVisioning? It’s a way of creating intention. Most of us have been acculturated to setting goals, a left brain and linear concept. As I said in my book, “To create an intention is to create a VISION of possibility. Intention is the union of union of aspiration, intuition, vision, personal action, synchronicity and a sprinkling of alchemy.”

Find some time today to put all the day’s “to-do’s aside.”

Take a journey.

Light a candle,

smudge your home with sage and sweet grass

Build a fire,

drum and chant,

let go of what needs releasing


consciously celebrate the blank canvas of 2014



Mile Marker 1…

Start here, no one has to know.

This is between you and the Universe.

Let The Calling reveal itself: What is my true hearts desire in 2014?

I know what it is to lose one’s way. I know what it is to feel so deeply lost that it’s hard to know how to begin again. I know what it’s like to be living incongruently, because it feels safer than taking a risk to know the truth.

It has been a challenging year of walking through fire for many of us, myself included. For me, it’s been 6 years of walking through those red, hot flames. Death, rebirth, seems to be my Karma this time around.

Yet today, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, I feel more mySELF in this mid-life body than I have in a very long time.

I owe a debt of gratitude to

the power and truth of creative process,

to the written word


 the power & wisdom of the herd

The willingness to surrender everything I thought

I knew

has offered a 


 to my authentic and liberated soul

If you have heard The Calling, but are struggling to take a first step,  I will be offering individual Creative Awakenings Horse Wisdom Weekend retreats, here at The River House in Colorado.

The CA Women’s Horse Wisdom Weekends begin February 1st, 2014. Each weekend one-on-one, is custom designed for a truly unique experience.

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embrace your authenticity

Experience the elixir, alchemy and wisdom of horse medicine

Apprentice Sue Copper