My Town…The Giving Tree

Each year this beautiful tree magically appears on the corner of 3rd and Main St in my town. It is a reminder to me, of the true spirit-often forgotten-of the Holiday Season. 

This week, I watched a little girl pluck a baggie of marshmallows and graham crackers off one of the branches. Instantly her face lit up with a smile, as did her family's as they watched her open the bag filled with her gift.

We all know it feels better to give than to receive and this year, I wanted to get back to that feeling in my heart. I made a comiment not to purchase needless gifts, just because there is consumer driven pressure to do so. This year, it was an astrology reading from a dear friend for my husband, handmade New Years cards, handmade tin ornaments, home baked cookies and small loving gifts from the heart.

After all…what else do we really need?

Happy Holidays to you and yours…I look forward to creating art of intention with you in the New Year.