In last weeks Dream Circle Coaching teleclass, the assignment for participants was to take a Gypsy Spirit Day, (found on page 117) and to place their adventure on the pages of their Milestone Passport (pg. 26). 

Because I am a big proponent of walking my talk, I decided to take one of my own! I was very much in need of a Gypsy Spirit Day to replenish my well, so I headed down to Grand Junction, about 1.5 hours from my backyard as the crow flies, but a world away in terms of climate. 

As I approached the city, I could see the tell tale sign of spring, the Globe Willows were beginning their transition to spring yellow/green.  It was as if they were shouting, "Spring is on the way, hang in there," and my heart skipped a beat as I drove into the blue sky day through the unique, moon-like mountain terrain.

I was truly in need, as I had received my first "luke-warm," review on Amazon and although I was prepared, it still had the momentary effect of deflating my BIG pink-booted bubble being called a "Jr. High guidance counselor fresh from college…" 

Several of us artist/authors have a pact about expecting our first negative review and sending love, encouragement and support following the inevitable. In the end the reviewer gave me 4-stars and a pretty decent review, and I was able to take it with a grain of salt, after reading several reviews she had given to some of my favorite artists and peers on her book review site! GEEZ! Hey, I know not everyone is going to like my book or "get it," but really, I don't know that you have to hit below the belt!

So, I did what I tell my clients to do…pout as long as you need, have a tantrum, cry if you must, and then call a someone who loves you and will give you a good swift reality kick in the butt…pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep walking toward your dream. Hmmmm…I guess she's right, I do sound like a guidance counselor! How 'bout that. Personally I like to call myself a cheerleader, mostly because I never made the team!

And so I spent my Gypsy Spirit Day, with my dear friend Toni, walking toward my dream by visiting book stores and finding my book on the shelves for the first time! It was a two-fer, 2-books on the shelf AND my work in Somerset Digtial Studios, Spring Edition in the magazine rack. PRICELESS!