Today’s guest author is Pam True. She is an apprentice in the 2012 Creative Awakenings Facilitator Training and Mentorship program.

Pam is going to share with you what she has learned about Dancing With Her Shadow. I hope you enjoy this post. Be sure to subscribe to our blog posts to stay up to date with this years Creative Awakenings apprentices. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by.

Hi, I am one of the girls in the Creative Awakenings Facilitator and Mentorship program.  It has been soooo fantastic and all of the ladies are amazing.  That includes Sheri of course, our fearless leader.

I facilitated this exercise in our group by having each person write a word or phrase that came to mind about all the other girls.  We shared that and then we were all to take those words or phrases and use all of them in a poem and of course adding our own and then we were to embellish the poem with some journal work.

This was a lot of fun and inspirational and I wanted to share my poem and journal work with you.

Pam True







“ Shadow and Light “

As I walked in my shadow,

my shadow merged with the light

and I went within,

and there,

to find my soul beauty & delight


It was the deep living

and observations so bright

I, as

Compass-mate of others

in the dark of their night


I found it to be,

lovely inside and out

and felt the call of the void,

to be resilient… & stout

of wisdom,

well earned and devout


Carry on my dear one,

for now is the time

Carry on my dear one,

to shine your hearts ryme

Pamela True         Creative Awakenings          August, 2012


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  1. Learning to face your shadow is an amazing task…but sharing your shadow with others is unbelievable! Great job!

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