I often talk with my clients about what I call growing edges. In the glossary of my forthcoming book Creative Awakenings, I have put Sheri-isms…language I use when talking about a specific issue related to personal transformation.

Growing edges are the invisible lines that we bump up against when we are stretching our wings and getting ready to take flight in a new direction. Well ladies…your Chief Feisty Officer has been bumping up against some of her own edges this week as I delved into the world of Holly Roberts.

When we began our first week, Holly shared with us that she was very honest and that we should decide what we wanted from the class. Perfect…creating intention, I know exactly what I want…I asked her to be brutal and help me push myself to the next level. I did not actually know what that meant, but I knew I was ready for something big. WOW! I had no idea what was on the horizon.

Holly is helping take my painting to another level. Although I went to school for photography, I am a self-taught painter. I have been terrified to take a traditional painting class to learn about color theory, etc, as I did not want to have my creative voice squelched ever again. And yet, here I was, opening the door to some shifts. Holly is not kidding when she says she is honest and I although it has not always been easy to hear what she is saying, I know how important this is for me to deepen my creative work and take my skills to the next level. Her honest feedback-she has taken to calling herself "Coach Holly"-is helping to look at my own fears and comfort zones and risk breaking through them, even if a few frustrating tears are shed.


I began the week with Holly teaching about color theory by having me create my own color wheel. It was actually terrifying for me on a multitude of levels. It was incredibly humbling and very important to begin the process of understanding how colors work together.  Let’s not even mention that I am surrounded in this class by at least 15 other PHENOMENAL professional painters. These women are really amazing. My work is like that of a second grader in comparison, but I am remembering to practice what I teach. "Don’t compare, don’t minimize and be where you are…." The best part is that I am right where many of you have been and so I remember what it feels like to have beginners mind and to challenge the Venomous Toad Committee when they begin their horrific croaking.

Although I have spent the weekend catching up here at home in life and biz, I find myself yearning to get back to the studio. I want to dive in, immerse myself, soak in every moment of this valuable experience. I can hardly wait until tomorrow! Oh….the places we will go! Thank you Holly.