Today’s Awakening: I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of “Groundlessness,” or as Pema Chodron says, “The idea that the rug has been pulled out from under you.”

It’s funny, but that’s how I have been describing my life these last 6 years to friends. “I feel like I get my feet back under me and WHAM, someone or something comes along and pulls the rug out from under me!” I found myself flat out on my A** many times these last long years, wondering how I ended up sitting in the stinking pile.

Interestingly, for a long time, I chose blame as my comfort. I won’t name the blame, or shame the humans I believed caused my personal roller coaster ride, as what I’m learning is that it almost doesn’t matter the circumstance, it’s really the belief I have that things “should” stay the same, that is the root of my unhappiness.

And so fellow travelers, I am sitting with and writing about this idea of “Groundlessness,” and living in the state of knowing that the truth is that nothing stays the same; try as I might.

I can grasp, I can claw, I can “should” and proclaim otherwise, but the very nature of life is that it has a forward direction and as such it likely means that change is a comin’ and very much a part of that trajectory. What’s left after that is 3 fingers pointing back at me… meaning, how I handle surfing the waves.

I’m trying really hard to keep my shorts on, as I ride my long board, across the tumultuous waves of life.

For those of you in Carbondale, seeking a wonderful teacher, I highly recommend John Chophel Bruna. He is very simply, the real deal. Kind, compassionate, accessible.

If you know someone who’s currently in the undertow, if this touches your heart, feel free to share or leave your thoughts in a comment.