I didn't take this image, but I hand colored her in PS. I've had it in my morgue for awhile. I REALLY love it! It feels like me these last two days as blast away the "I can't do it myself," Toads and ride off into empowered blogland!

So, I apologize to everyone that you're actually witnessing the transformation as it occurs, from the outside in as it is, but maybe that's a good thing as you can see what is shifting and what's possible in the realm of your blog-as-website!

So yesterday, I learned how to create a horizontal nav bar. From what I understand I can still jazz it up a little with some code, but I am going to hold off on that to get some other things off the list.  

Here is a list of my intentions in creating this new blog-site:

1. BEAUTY-STILLNESS-CLARITY with a bit of FEISTY thrown in through good measure. Reflective of me, my life, nature and my art. Photos of classes and workshops, my art etc….

2. Classes, workshops, events and simple effective class registration

3. MOST IMPORTANT I can manipulate the site almost plug and play

4. Promote the book/press

Today I am all about Paypal buttons with Typepad. Apologies to Lynne who got caught in the crossfire yesterday and lost the link to the Guided Imagery CD rom. I hope to have that fixed by the end of biz today. I have to thank Heather over at Blogs by Heather, for her AMAZING and SIMPLE-YES WE CAN-tutorial. Stop by and congratulate her on her new baby boy Luke. 

Your comments and feedback would be great during this process! Oh yeah, that leads me to the main question…so why doesn't anyone comment?

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  1. i thought i’d let you know i’m here reading and i don’t know why i don’t comment 🙂 but i do love to watch people share honestly about where they are and i’m so glad to see you are happier with your website/blog! (i use wordpress and really love it)
    i do read lots of blogs and really don’t understand why some gets lots of comments and others don’t. that’s something i would like to figure out.

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