From the first time I read the title of Sheri’s class "Envision the Life of Your Dreams" I was hooked.  Who wouldn’t want to live the life of their dreams and how can one live it without first envisioning it?

I came into the class not really knowing what to expect – just knowing I needed something more in my life.  Everyone approaches the class with different motivation but we all are looking for a change in our life that will make us happier. 

A lot of the work done in the class is introspective which was a challenge for me.  Focusing the past 30 years of my life on my children, my husband and my husband’s business, I wasn’t used to thinking about who I am and what I want.  The process Sheri led us through in the class was a path to greater self-awareness without judgment.  Each week we opened up little parts of ourselves that had been hidden but were now found. Sheri led me from being lost to finding a direction.  And, although my direction changed two-thirds of the way through the class, Sheri helped me to see that even though I had closed a door behind me, I was taking the same abilities and passions with me on my next endeavor. 

Through Sheri’s guidance and encouragement I have started a new business and have a newfound excitement about what I am making happen in my life.

Nancy W.