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Creative Awakenings with Sheri COVID-19 Remote Response


Virtual support is here! Contact me to set up a complimentary Discovery Session! 

Due to the COVID-19 Virus and community and goverment guidelines, In addition to working in the field with the horses, I will be offering counseling/coaching and workshops remotely and online. I have been working this way for many years, so this is not something new for me. It’s easy for you to be in the comfort of your living room with a cup of tea, a warm candle and even your family, to use expressive arts to move your feelings, “up, out and through!”  

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Now more than ever, we need to feel a sense of community. As many of us commit to following the guidelines to keep ourselves and our communities healthy, it’s important we find ways to stay engaged and know we are not alone.

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Sheri’s Book! Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art

Are you a solo flyer? Use Sheri’s book to take the next step to living the life of your dreams! 

“What is calling you…?”

What if you could unlatch the doors to your heart and allow yourself to explore hopes and dreams that you havent visited for a very long time? Creative Awakenings is the key to opening those doors, showing you how to use art making and visual journaling, to set your intentions. Creativity coach and Registered Expressive Art Therapist, Sheri Gaynor will be your guide through the mileposts of this exciting journey.

Published in 2009 by North Light Books, Creative Awakenings will take you on an adventure of personal discovery. Have you been wondering what’s next in your life? Learn the practice and process of the Envision Book of Dreams using a visual journal process to create monthly intentions. Your beautiful Book of Dreams journal will become an artifact of your life journey.

The book includes the Deck of Transformation which is corresponds to activities that will support you in deepening your intention setting process. 

In addition, Creative Awakenings features 11 nationally known artists such as: Juliana Coles, Linda and Karen Dinino, Claudine Hellmuth, Anahata Katkin, Katie Kendrick, Laura Kirk, Mary Beth Shaw, Susan Tuttle, Lesley Riley, Suzanne Simanatis, Jane and Thomas Wynn

Want to share the journey? When your ready to take the next step, join our free Creative Awakenings + New Moon Mondays Gathering Facebook page and share your Book of Dreams pages with a supportive community!


Create the Life of Your Dreams!



Creating a Handbound Journal

  • Access: Instant
  • Teacher Interaction: No
  • 3 Videos
  • Fee: FREE
  • Skills: Creating a handbound journal
  • Private Facebook Group: No

This free course with Sheri Gaynor is a three part series, to support you in creating a unique handbound journal. Your journal will become an artifact of your life journey.

This series is intended to get you ready for Sheri’s online New Moon EnVision gatherings and will give you a taste of her style and teaching skills. 


EnVision the Life of Your Dreams Through Art

  • Access: Enrollment opens January 25, 2021 / Course Opens February 15th, 2021
  • Teacher Interaction: No
  • 3 Months of content
  • Fee: $49
  • Skills:  Mixed Media Visual Journaling / Mindfulness / Creating Intention
  • Private Facebook Group: No

In the spirit of my book Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art, this course will take you on a 3-month visual journaling adventure, to uncover the seeds of your heARTs desire. Your journal will hold all your intentions, dreams and field notes to help you create a vision for your life.

Each month, you will receive an EnVision prompt and two high quality videos featuring a journaling technique to inspire and deepen your process.

Sheltering in Community: Expressive Art Therapy and Visual Journaling as a Vehicle for Healing and Transformation

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021
Time: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. (MST)
2 CEs Available

In these shifting and emotionally challenging times, how do we bring support to those who may feel isolated and without community? Living through a pandemic has stretched most people’s ability to remain resilient and centered. The art of visual journaling offers a place for feelings and emotions to be seen and released, moving beyond the written word and into visual storytelling.  

Narrative therapy using visual journaling is a simple and effective modality that uses supplies that most people already have in their homes. In this workshop, you will learn about a person-centered approach to therapeutic visual journaling, that can be applied both in person and also through online group platforms.  

In an effort to learn by doing, the workshop will be hands-on, so please have a few sheets of blank paper, a glue stick or tape, scissors, and a few magazines to utilize during the workshop.

This class is geared to professionals, therapists and students, but all are welcome. 


  • $40 (General)
  • $36 (Alumni, faculty, field, staff and DU colleagues)
  • $20 (GSSW student)

Art, Healing and HOPE

Experience the power of community in an adult art class designed for healing, FUN, alleviating stress and decompressing, through the art of visual journaling! All experience levels are welcome and the focus is on PROCESS, rather than the end result. 

Materials: You will need a 9×12 visual journal or a large piece of paper.  Crayons, watercolors, magazines, glue sticks and scissors are basically all you will need.

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Inner Lead: Resiliency and Emotional Intelligence Through the Way of the Horse

Generously Sponsored by Roaring Fork Leadership

ONLINE: Watch the replay on Youtube

Join 2010 RFL graduate Sheri Gaynor, for an exciting live broadcast in the field with horses. Learn what these sentient creatures have to teach us about leading from the heart. You will leave with tools that will support you in accessing a deeper sense of creativity, intuition and authentic leadership, which can be used both personally and professionally, to enhance your sense of resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Sheri Gaynor is an Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Advanced Eponaquest Instructor. She is an author of Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art and founder of Creative Awakenings International. 

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Coming Soon!

Visual journaling, art journaling, shadow journaling, mixed-media journaling. Some feel there is a distinction between these approaches, yet the truth is, using books, journals, paper, glue, scissors and color is BIG, WILD, medicine for the Soul and Spirit. Using ritual, guided meditation and some time in nature with my horse, DreamWeaver Sunday, you will explore moving thoughts, feelings and emotions, by spilling to the page without concern for the outcome.

Wild Soul Medicine Journaling offers you a way to explore feelings and emotions, as you dive into the world of your unconscious wisdom. By letting go of the reins and allowing the writing, color, and imagery to guide you, you will bypass your linear mind, uncovering aspects of self that are often hidden in intellect. Wild Soul Medicine Journaling will deepen your relationship to yourSELF and the beautiful mystery that is your inner world.

For hundreds of years artists have been cutting and pasting magazine and newspaper clippings, photos, handmade papers, and found objects into new and exciting images called collage. 



Creative Awakenings Academy Expressive Arts Coach Training – 2021

We are moving with the times. Instead of waiting until we can gather safely, I am answering the call to bring the training program online. 

I will have an early registration announcement the first week of January 2021!  Experience the power of expressive arts therapy to enhance your life, your practice and your career. 

Date(s): TBD  LImited to 10 people.
Get your early registration announcement. Sign up here. 

We are answering the call for alternative community mental health practices! Join the expressive arts and healing revolution!  I am currently in BETA testing for the first online Creative Awakenings Facilitator Training program. 

Join Sheri Gaynor, LCSW, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and founder of Creative Awakenings International, for a day of experiential process and creative play. This class is geared to those who are seeking to bring the power of expressive arts practices into their life, work and community. It’s perfect for therapists, educators, coaches, non-profit and organizational leaders and artists,  

We will explore how creative process connects us to psyche, soul, spirit and our communities. Learn how ex arts enhances the capacity to access and shift emotions through movement, sound. creative writing, somatic wisdom and visual journaling.  

Bio: Sheri Gaynor, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and founder of Creative Awakenings International. She is the author of Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art, originally published by North Light Books in 2009 and now in a 2nd edition .  

Sheri has been weaving the alchemy of expressive arts, animal assisted therapies and experiential therapies into her practice for 30 years. She sits on the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA), REAT committee, supporting the registration process of those seeking their registered expressive arts therapy designation.  She is also a co-chair Artist Committee, of the IEATA Board of Directors

Sign up for the early registration announcement! | info@creativeawakeningsinternational.com  | 970-618-0561   

COVID-19 Virtual Support Group: Tending Your Creative Fire
Expressive Arts and Healing Coaching Package

Date: Coming soon!
Format: Zoom
Groups will be kept to a maximum of 6, so there is room for all to share and process
Interest List

– An individual 30-minute intention session
Four 1.5-hour virtual ZOOM room group sessions (You must commit to a series of 4. The groups will be opened to new members at the end of each series)
Up to 3-brief email check-ins as needed, for encouragement
Invitation to the Creative Awakenings Online FB Community
Creative assignments following each gathering, to support your process and move you forward between session

Materials: You will need a 9×12 visual journal or a large piece of paper.  Crayons, watercolors, magazines, glue sticks and scissors are basically all you will need.

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A Weekend Playshop

Date(s): TBA
Interest List Contact Sheri

Venue: Third Street Center, Suite 11, Carbondale
Fee: $235 Materials included. Small additional materials list provided upon registration
Limited to 6 people. Register early.

If you’re reading this, perhaps-like me-you are a person in long-term recovery. Congratulations! Staying sober is no small feat. I tell my clients, “If it was easy, everyone would do it!”

If you’re a woman with at least one year of consistent sobriety and you’re feeling like you need an infusion of creative mojo to explore what might be next in your life, this workshop is for you. Join me for a gathering of heARTs and learn how creativity has infused my life with possibilities beyond what I could ever have imagined.

In this workshop, you will create a handmade book of Burning Desires. This book will hold what no longer serves, as well as your deepest dreams for the future. You will leave with a medicine journal that will serve you for the next 12-months, offering you an archive and artifact of your life journey.

Live Equine Sessions

In the Wild – Private or Group Equine Sessions with Sheri

Relationship-Centered. Solution Focused. Powerful Results. 

Through the power of horse wisdom and holistic practices such as body scanning, mindfulness, creative expression, equine facilitated coaching supports you in deepening your relationship with yourself and your emotions.

Virtual Coaching with Sheri

I’ve been using expressive arts and experiential practices in my work and life for over 30-years, working with individuals, community partnerships, non-profits, and organizations. Contact me to learn more about how I can assist you in reaching your goals.

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