The morning began with a review of the False Self/Authentic Self and how cultural and social conditioning, which often develops limiting beliefs and conditioned responses, limits our ability to be truly authentic and activate innovative solutions.

We then moved on to part two of Sentient Communication, including the body scan, “breathing as a language” and interpersonal mindfulness. Those of you who have worked with me know how powerful the body scan and breathing can be. This is a tool not only used when we are with the horses. I have integrated these skills into my daily life. Asking our bodies for wisdom and a message, allows us to connect to and understand our emotions.

Linda shared more about the new work she and Dr. Rebecca Bailey are teaching incorporating Polyvagal theory. I attended a training with them in Montana this past spring and I can share that it’s a natural fit for this work and deepens the dimensions of healing.

What I observed during yesterdays teaching is that the world of science and research, has now caught up with what Linda observed and developed long before there was evidence based research around equine facilitated learning and therapy.

I am currently reading, The Body Keeps The Score. The quote you see below speaks to me of why horses are such amazing teachers. The value of partnering with a living, breathing sentient being, is that in many ways they act as a 1000 pound bio-feedback mechanism. Because horses are non-predatory power animals, they have the ability to teach us to both live in the present and embody our power when needed.

I love when the intuitive knowing that can often be seen as “out of the box,” “strange,” “weird” or “woo woo,” is finally “validated,” by the scientific community. For some of our clients this will be important, for others like me, who has used experiential based therapies for 30-years, I’m grateful for the evidence, but truth be told, my clients were my experimental group and provided me with all the data I needed to know when something worked for them.

We then moved into the field and explored our learning with the herd.

Today is integration day. I’ll be going to visit some friends and reconnect with people I met while living here.

Have a great day…may the herd be with you.

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