I am deeply honored to have been selected as a small group leader this year, for Linda Kohanov and the Eponaquest training program. We completed our first day of the apprenticeship program. So many memories came flooding back of my year spent here with Linda as both an intern and an apprentice in the program.

Listening to the hopes, dreams and plans of this lovely group apprentices from all over the world, filled my heart and SOUL!

I shared the story of the “hero’s journey” with my small group. Many had not heard it before. The focus was on answering the “call,” and the courage it takes to “listen” to that inner wisdom, leaving everything we’ve come to know behind us.

We ended our small group by sharing that we knew the strength was in walking into the “dark woods,” together.

For me, the integration of this program has been life changing. Weaving the lessons and learnings of Eponaquest has offered me tools for living a life of authenticity.

Day two is on the horizon. Thank you Linda Kohanov for the opportunity to return to the ranch, soak in familiar and new information and to give back to my “herd.”