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It is that time of year again. With the "economic meltdown"-as it has come to be titled-it might be time to realign our ideas about gift giving. Last year I created the first annual gift giving guide and I am committed to sharing this with you again. The guide will offer you some creative, alternative and out of the box ideas to help your wallet and your budget.

Here is a place to start. As you move into Thanksgiving weekend, notice what it is about this holiday that makes it so special. Is it the gathering of friends and family in your home? Is it the baking and the aromas of apples and cinnamon filling the air? 

What's important to notice is that this is one holiday when gifts and the pressure of consumerism are not in the mix. Hmmmm….take note. This is a good place to start as we begin to redefine the holiDAZE. 

More soon.

Contribute: Please post your thoughts on redefining the holiDAZE. Feisty Females® want to hear all about your ideas!

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  1. According to the Law of Attraction, it is not possible to think about an economic meltdown, or all the other negatives being used, and at the same time prosper! If you are not on the street, homeless, and hungry your you have not had a meltdown. And, you are not helping “others” by worrying about them.
    Just keep giving thanks for all your riches!

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