From the May Newsletter:

I received a much needed dose of hope and positive thinking today while reading an article entitled, "The Real "new" Economy" by Jurriaan Kamp, Editor-in-Chief of ODE Magazine.

Jurriaan, was a Chief Economics Editor at a leading newspaper in the Netherlands, so my sense is, he more then credible to ask this very interesting question, " Can we stop an upcoming recession by dropping our fears?"  I felt as if Jurriaan had reached out of the ODE pages, to speak directly to me!

As I plan the release of my book and what is next for my business and coaching practice, I have been mindful-perhaps too much-of the ever present conversation about the possibility of a recession. What is
curious about this to me, is that I don’t watch the news or television, I don’t have cable, and I am conscious about how much I read in the newspaper. Yet interestingly even without a daily diet of media spin and negative input, I like many, find myself fearful of what might lie ahead financially and where
our country is headed.

"When I read Jurriaan’s question, it forced me to take a breathe and ask myself, my own questions,"What do I know to be true in my life in this exact moment about my finances and my business?"  "What if the
barrage of constant fear IS what creates the recession?" "How exactly did our country get to this point?"

Immediately following the tragic events of 9-11, our country barely had time to shed a tear or work through our feelings, before we were told to go shopping. We were to fly our flag, be patriotic, spend our money and help the economy grow.  Zero percent financing, no interest loans, and offers of
brand new houses and cars were to be the salve that healed our wounds. The magicians pulled down
the veil, inviting us into a deep slumber.

And now we find ourselves in this moment, with talk of a long deep recession and wondering how this could have happened. We point the finger and look for blame. "It was the banks, the credit card companies, etc."

Over spending is an addiction and as such, we spent our money thinking it would numb the pain, remove the confusion, hide the fear and release the anger. As a person who has faced addiction myself,  I know there comes a moment when every addict has to ask themselves if they are willing to stop pointing the finger and look inward.This is where the truth lies. It is the moment we awaken from our slumber.

It begins with a simple question. "How did I get here and what needs to happen next?" In my mind that is the first step toward change and consciousness. Until we have asked and answered this question honestly, transformation and personal growth are impossible.

When I take in Jurriaan’s question from this place, I see two things. The first is to be mindful that I am a part of the process and to know that my actions and decisions will always have an impact on me…as well as those around me. The second is that if I continue to live in fear of the economy collapsing, I am indeed becoming part of the problem.

As I allow this to stir in my psyche, I come to a place of understanding about my fear around finances
and the future.

What is called for is compassion, for others and myself.

What is called for is mindfulness to spending and excess.

What is called for is intention.

In my mind, it comes back to that familiar word we use a lot here at Feisty Females….balance.

PS: Thank you for all the positive and thoughtful comments that arrived in my e-box in reference to this article. My friend Linda called me after seeing this photo of the tree bridge. She is a native Coloradan and told me that recently she asked her father about these trees after a trip to Utah. He told her this amazing story. Apparently, as the Native American tribes traveled through the territories, they would bend cottonwood tree saplings to find their way back to camp. Overtime, the trees have naturally grown in this beautiful arch shape and he believes it is an marker that indicates where they have traveled. When she told me, I got shivers in my spine as this Valley is home to the Ute tribe. A bridge with a doorway into the mystery…those who have traveled before me.

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  1. Just an additional note as I sit in the Denver Airport. After writing this article, it seemed as if this topic was everywhere. The economy is on our hearts and minds and our thoughts are with those who are facing truly difficult decisions in their lives.
    How will you move into and change with this new economy? What strategies will you be employing in your life and business?

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