Kerri’s Original 6-month EnVIsion Intention

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Hi Sheri,

I hope all is well with your and all of your other feisty females!!

I just heard back yesterday from The Rubber Stamper magazine, who has accepted my original article – "Discover your own recipe for creativity" (that was rejected – gently – by…name witheld)!!

They found it to be "delightful" and will be publishing it in the Sept/Oct issue, along with
samples of my artwork and my black bean soup recipe!!! And once again, I will be "remunerated" (ha ha  -their word)!! 

Wow, doing what I love and also getting paid for it. What a concept!!

So just to re-cap the list: (if you’ll indulge me)…

  • July/August Somerset Studio – article with my altered birdhouse book
  • August (projected) Somerset special edition on Creative Blogging
  • Sept/Oct Rubber Stamper – "Recipe for Creativity article & artwork
  • Take Ten Magazine – short article and 8 of my handmade greeting cards
  • Somerset Home II – my butterfly tealights will be included in the gallery section
  • April 2008 – Somerset Workshop III – featuring my digital collage work

..In order to complete the Somerset Workshop project, I had to ask for the summer
off from teaching at all of my venues, and I will be welcomed back in the fall!! It truly is
amazing what happens when you take the chance and ask for it!

Have a great weekend Sheri!

Creatively yours,