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you’re right, I’ve run this card before, but I am already hearing from
clients how stressed they are feeling with the seasons events. So, with
the holi-DAZE upon us, I am inviting you to dive into the 30-day Bliss
Challenge. No, this is not intended to be one more TO-DO. It’s
intention is to offer you a place of bliss, rejuvenation and a little
YOU time.

In the tradition of Advent 1. the period of
expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration, 2. starting the
fourth Sunday before December 25; in other words…RIGHT NOW. 

the Bliss-30 Challenge? Every day for the next 30 days, you are to
engage in some form of Everyday Bliss. What’s that? Here is an excerpt
from the book:

“Everyday Bliss is about process, not product or
outcome. Think about things you love or once loved to do that have
fallen by the wayside….Each day, take twenty minutes for yourself,
doing something that brings you only joy and renews your spirit. Mix it
up. Try Everyday Bliss at different times of the day to see which time
resonates most with you.”

“Here are some examples of Everyday
Bliss actions: a spontaneous painting or drawings at the beginning of
the day, a quick poem, a fifteen-minute yoga workout, dancing to music
cooking from a favorite cookbook. Or try my personal favorite, a
“daydream meditation,” where you let your dreams flow onto your paper,
using your non-dominant hand…”

You can read more about Everyday Bliss on page 118 in the Creative Awakenings book.

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