“Embracing shadow aspects (the parts of self that remain largely hidden from our conscious mind) can be one of the most healing experiences of your life journey….When light shines on the shadow, a golden gem is revealed. Like the lotus that grows out of moist dark mud, nothing can grow without a bit of darkness, along with a healthy dose of light.”~ Sheri Gaynor, Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art.




Dear Fellow Travelers,

The September module of the Creative Awakenings Facilitator Training was about chasing down our shadows. Shadow work is an important element on the road to becoming a faciliator. Without intimately knowing these aspects of ourselves, it is likely that we’ll run into some interpersonal issues with our clients and students. If we don’t own it…we’re pretty likely to project it!

With the support of some powerful reading materials, the apprentices were able to fearlessly root out, identify and claim their shadow aspects. In other words, they have started the life long journey of of dancing with their shadows. Did you say, “Life long journey?” Indeed I did. Personal growth work is-in my humble opinion-a life long heroines journey. There may be a definitive starting place…the day we look in the mirror and say…”Something has to give,”…but there is truly no end, as when you begin to live a consciouslife, you are more willing to continue to peel back and shed the layers that no longer serve. It becomes a personal treasure hunt to reclaim you lost parts and your buried gold. “Why bother?”, you ask.  So you can release a life filled with blame and shame and one embrace one that is filled with love and compassion.

How would claiming and embracing your shadow aspects serve you in living the life of your dreams? If you are interested in talking about that with me, I would love to support you in dancing with your shadow.  Looking for community?  Join our friendly tribe of travelers, in the CA Online Salon.