This weekend was devoted to rejuvenation. I find myself torn between the pull of the business of running the studio and answering the call to the reason I am an artist. For those of you who have chosen art and creativity as your profession, I'm sure you understand the challenge. And so I have given myself a treat by taking Susan and Misty's classes. Replenish…ahhhhh…..

I was fortunate this weekend, my friend Wendy came from Boulder for a quick overnight visit. This morning, we sat with our coffee, looking at YouTube footage of some really inspiring artists. Kiki Smith, Rauschenberg and Chuck Close. By the time we headed out for breakfast, my heart was pumping madly, and I could barely wait to get down to the studio to play. 

I am still not oriented to being in such a large space and my beloved kitchen cart is still at home, as it's SOOOO heavy to move. I decided to rummage through some old paper bins and found an old tissue paper transfer I made from one of my Mississippi photographs. I pasted that down first and the house grew around it. I then found some vintage photos from my grandfathers album and the story began to unfold. I kept seeing the roots under the house, but resisted painting them. I know when the resistance shows…it is my soul speaking to me…"lean in, this is important." I don't know why they are there, but it's not for me to decide. The raven drawing came next, influenced perhaps from watching Kiki's video this morning, but I knew it was in flight and not "dead," as her animals were. The strings came last and felt the most important in the end. 

People often ask me, "What does it mean to you?" It's so difficult for me to put into words my pieces. They aren't always meant for words. I often respond with…

"What does it mean to…you." 

That feels as important.