Are you ready to answer the creative call?

We've heard you…we're listening…we are busy getting the tutorial videos ready! 

Here are some of the highlights:

Bonus: It's like having a workshop with Sheri, but you don't have to travel! The video tutorials will take you step by step through many of the Creative Awakenings concepts as well as offer you the ability to connect with others using the process.

Bonus: When you purchase the video you will automatically be registered as a special member of the Creative Awakenings Salon which will entitle you to a different level of membership and special privileges. 

Bonus: And best of all the videos will be able to be viewed in the comfort of your pink PJ's in your home or studio!  

This is just a little teaser to get your heart beating faster!

Registration opens October 7! 

Would you like to be notified when registration opens? Please fill in this form for us and know that your information will never, ever, ever be bought sold or traded. It's for our eyes only! 


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