Awakenings: Notes from the Journey                           

Each month we will feature a Transformation Deck Card and issue a Creative Awakenings Coach Challenge and call to Dream Spirit

The Card: Create a New Story

excerpt from the Deck of Transformation in Creative Awakenings, to
review their "inherited or implanted stories." What does this mean?
Just as we have stories that have been passed down that inspire us, we
also carry stories that run our lives and keep us from reaching for
what it is we truly want in life. Very often these stories aren't even
OURS! Other stories are those that inspire us to reach for what we

This card invites you to examine your stories, decide
which you want to keep, and which you are ready to release so you can
write your very own!

EnVision Guided Principal:
Write It:
a quick list of stories that might be keeping you from your dreams even
if you can't remember where they came from…or who told them to you.