Autumn and Annie copyright
© 2011 Sheri Gaynor.  No use without express permission. 

Last week, Susan and I invited several local families to join us for an equine practice session to prepare for our demonstration event up at the Strang arena. 

Participants were asked to observe the horses in the arena and choose one they were most attracted to. The magic of this work continues to unfold and never ceases to amaze me. I witnessed my horse Annie-usually hesitant to approach-walk to the fence to greet our group. 

We then invited the families to break into groups to choose the horse they wanted to work with during our time together. Autumn chose Annie, or Annie chose Autumn, I'm not really sure which and it doesn't matter, because the quiet intelligence of their connection was beautiful to behold and truly a creative awakening.

Join us Saturday, Dec 3, noon-3pm,  at Strang Ranch for our Equine Therapy Demonstration. Dress in WARM layers and bring a chair. We'll have a fire, hot coco, handwarmers and fun activities for you and your family.

Thank you to our sponsors CCAH, Special Needs Moms for Moms, YouthZone and Windwalkers for their support of our event! 

Map to Strang Ranch. We'll be in the huge white arena at the top of the hill.