Chihuly at Fairchild Gardens

I was reading M.C. Richards Centering: In Pottery, Poetry and the Person, yesterday. Centering is an out of print favorite that I return to when I need to remember to return to my own center.  I love using informative books like Tarot cards. I take a breath, ask a question and open the book wherever it the spirit guides me. It is fun, somewhat like a daily meditation book. 

Yesterday I opened the book and read this paragraph, "Most of the separations we make need to be looked at very carefully: weakness and strength, sickness and health, not-knowing and knowing, play and seriousness. Human beings are an odd breed. We find it so difficult to give in to possibility-to envision what is not visible." It is so interesting that the word EnVision was right there. Out of 160 pages, I was lead to the the class I have been teaching for 8 years that supports women in uncovering and stepping into possibilities for their lives.

What I believe M.C. is talking about here, are the polarities that we create within our lives and ourselves. These polarities set up limiting beliefs and also untruths about who we are in the world and what we truly might be able to accomplish for ourselves.

I know in my own life that my polarities tend to have their roots in fear, competition and judgment. This has become an old way of being in the world and over the years I have chosen to move to a new model, one cooperation and collaboration. In doing so, I have met some of the most amazing women. Women who are generous, loving and caring. Women who will stand by your side, cheer you on show up when life gets hard. To me, it is a model of love, communication and above all integrity.

Can you imagine a world that operated on these principles? It may feel overwhelming, yet what I believe is that we can move in that direction…one woman at a time.