Eve I have stepped into day 14 of the Everyday Bliss challenge and I can see the magic and synchronicity beginning to happen. Today 3 emails and telephone calls crossed, meaning, we were on one another's radar. My very first request for a radio interview was forwarded to me by my publishing house!!! It's the COOOLEST program and I am SOOOOO honored!

I want to be honest with you all. There are things going on in my life RIGHT NOW,  yep right now, that aren't all BLISS. There are some heavy, hard decisions that have to be made and I am wrestling some large OLD karmic cords at the moment. People often ask me how I stay so positive in the midst of the darkness, chaos and difficult stuff that comes our way. I believe Everyday Bliss IS THE REASON. 

Everyday Bliss reminds me to SLOW DOWN and literally notice the beauty and grace around me. New Age-y? Maybe, but I can tell you this…Everyday Bliss, brings you into instant gratitude for being alive. Our culture doesn't invite us to slow down and smell the roses. We would rather flip someone off because they are not going fast enough for us to get where we think we need to go in a big A– hurry, rather than think they actually might be driving slowly so they can enjoy taking in the view! 

This mornings Bliss, was coffee and my portable sketch journal to finish up the sketch from Bliss-2. I love working with the watercolor crayons in this journal on paper that isn't made for watercolor. The rumpled pages comfort me. A sketchbook is just that…it's not supposed to be perfect…and that is the part I love…I can spill without self-doubt.

Have you BLISSED today? WIll you join me?

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  1. “There is always that deep longing for things remembered but lost…and a sense of freedom and joy when they are found….and then to let it go again. It is best to know home in our hearts…for there is our land and our tribe, always. It is not so far away. ”
    Sent to me by Kathy Beckwith this morning after she read my post and I could not be more touched. This is exactly how I felt. Thank you Kathy.

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