I am new to meditation. To be completely honest I've meditated all of three times in my life. However, meditation is something that's been at the bottom of my to-do list for way too long. So, I've decided to add it to my Bliss List this year. 

Yesterday I went out onto our screened in balcony and sat down on the rug next to the Christmas tree. I picked my three favorite ornaments off of the tree and I stared at them. They slowly became my mantra as I drifted out of my monkey mind and into my bliss. 

The smell of real pine next to the sweet, warm Florida air was incredibly pleasing. I could hear the palm branches hit the side of the apartment in a nice whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. I took that pattern and said to myself, "Love, Dream, Imagine."

I cleared out all the to-do lists from my brain, I cleared all the shoulds, I cleared out all the anger, sorrow and physical pain. I packed up my cell phone and internet compulsions and left them far, far away from me. I shoved everything right inside my balcony door to deal with later. For now I would sink into my bliss, even for 30 minutes. And it was heavenly.

Thank you Katrina, for sharing this lovely bliss-FULL moment. To view more of Katrina's writing, visit her blog.

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